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Sea Change

Sea Change - Chris Quinton Everyone that knows me for a bit, knows that I love long books and this book was long, certainly for m/m standards. It has 432 pages in pdf.
Absolutely wonderful!
The story is about a vet Steve and a soon-to-be former coast guard Bran on Hawaii. In their spare time they work at sea life rescue centre. Next to the long detailed story about how the couple comes together it tells about an increase in hurt dolphins and seals and how they discover an illegal wreck diving organisation with nasty consequences.
Don't expect a lot of sex scenes, there are not, certainly when you take in account that the first kiss happens after page 300. But instead you get a story about how two people slowly realise they are perfect for each other. With they help of an array of entertaining characters.
All in all a very good read. Highly recommended.