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Trial (Appearances Trilogy)

Trial - Etienne I was on about page 115 when I stopped reading and thought what am I reading? Wasn't there a murder and a trial coming up? Where is the action, conflict, tension something! Till that moment there was insta-love, eating out. (I feel like I could start a dining review site on Atlanta), lots of sex (most of page) and oh yeah they run and swim a lot.
From that point I skimmed the pages and notices that the last 35 pages or so dealt with the trial. There were a few white rabits in high hats in there.

Maybe I started this one out with the wrong expectations but didn't the blurb say murder, suspect and trial? That equals to me in some sort of Grisham book but nothing like that. This story meandered on like a brook in summer time. Beyond boring and it is not often that I think a book is boring.
So no the book was not for me. And no I won't pick up the two sequels.