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Word on a Wing

Word on a Wing - Jamie Craig This was a great read. Very heavy on the D's elements (no pain, only control and submission) so not to everyone's taste.
Casey gets forced into some blackmail scam that goes horribly wrong. The sheriff Kirkland who forced him into it feels guilty and makes it up to him but under his set of rules. Casey, a trailer park boy with no future, finds out that he likes the regulations and attention he gets.
So he goes back for more and he gets it. While the sheriff and Casey try to make things work their blackmail scam fires back on them.

I liked this one a lot. The alternating viewpoint from Casey and Kirkland let us know why they like the relationship they have so much, why it works for them, that is not so normal to other people.
There is some dub con at the start of the story, so be warned. I was not bothered by it because it sets in motion the whole story but not everyone will like it.